TOU for cluster frames, snags, etc.

Terms Of Use

We do not claim to be the creator of any of these scrap kits. Information regarding copyright & sites to purchase these kits are given with each FTU cluster and cluster frame we make. TOU for each scrap kit can be found either at the site of purchase or within the kits themselves. We only use kits that give permission for the making of cluster frames in their TOU or that we have been given permission by the scrap kit maker.

Please do not remove the copyright from any materials taken from this site.

You may use the clusters, cluster frames, templates, word art, masks, etc. for challenges or tuts at your group, but we would appreciate it if you would please post a link and have members come here to download. 

Most scrap kit artists do not permit the mixing of elements from other scrap kit makers. Please read their TOU or only use additional elements from the original kit that the clusters & cluster frames were made from. Thank you.

Regarding Snag Tags:
You MAY add your name to any snag tags posted by me, Kathyfrances. I only ask that you do not claim to have made the tag or alter the copyright credits. (That means do not offer it as a WWO or add 'made by you'.) That would be stealing, lol. Please do not resize the tag so much that the copyright info isn't clearly legible. If you cannot add your name, you can always stop by the forum Escape From Reality and I will help you out.


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