About Us

This blog is the result of collaboration by members of the Paint Shop Pro (PSP) group Escape From Reality. Our talented taggers share their FTU creations for your enjoyment!

At our forum, Escape From Reality (EFR), we are a group of taggers, snaggers, and friends who just want to have fun and share our love of all things PSP! If you love PSP Tags, Snags, games, challenges, contests, and want to meet a great bunch of members,  please join us at our forum!!! Please let us know you found the forum by visiting this blog - we will approve your application asap!

We also have a Facebook page located HERE. The page is for members and friends of EFR to keep in touch on Facebook We post updates on ourselves, what we're up to, etc. We also post announcements and try to keep members updated about what is going on in the forum & blog. Feel free to apply and we will be happy to add you!

Please stop by to visit us often here on our blog, as we will be offering FTU snags, FTU cluster frames, templates, masks, word art, tutorials and what ever we can come up with, as we have time. 

We are excited to branch out to a blog, ready to share our ideas & creations with you. 
Please join us on this amazing journey! 


  1. I love the new Word Art and the Christmas/Winter clusters are gorgeous - thanks to all that made them !!

  2. I love coming in here just to look around and be amazed at all the talent we have in the group and here on the blog.

  3. All I see here are comments that I left - lol. Still love coming in here to look around ...

  4. Wow - awesome new word art as well as new Clusters/frames ... Love them all !!


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